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 Mission Statement:
Make Connections, Foster Understanding, and
Develop Strategies to Enhance People's Lives

About beta

Our Work

Beta Research Associates is a woman-owned corporation dedicated to efficient and effective approaches in social research activities. Beta was originally established in 2006 to provide in-depth and practical research, and to create programs that provide opportunities for learning and growing for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Our main objective is to be a flexible, adaptable organization that uses both proven and fresh approaches to achieve appropriate, sustainable ends. We use a holistic approach to problem solving, considering all sources of information relevant to the situation at hand. That is, while our primary points of reference come from anthropology and the social sciences, we integrate knowledge from all fields to achieve the best possible result.

Along the way, we are mindful of our responsibilities to all parties, and strive for solid management, balancing uncompromising ethics with a workable business approach.

Our Mission

Our mission statement reflects our core values: To make meaningful connections between all participants in our efforts, to foster understanding between those participants and also understanding of the variables present within a given situation, and to develop strategies that meaningfully enhance the lives of those with whom we are engaged.

Our Vision

The name Beta reflects our interest in being aware of successful approaches, lessons learned, and ongoing improvements in social research, and integrating successful models into our work.

Our Values

At Beta, we take nothing for granted. Every situation is unique, but they occur in a larger context from which to draw and apply lessons. We look in depth, holistically, and historically. In the end, of course, it is people that matter, and we are dedicated to making lives better.

Our headquarters office is located near Tampa, Florida. There are also offices in Portland, Maine, and Washington, DC. See our "contact us" page for further details.

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